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Both laptop and notebook sales have declined as the sale of smartphones and tablets have risen. A laptop computer, or simply laptop, is a portable computer which usually weighs 4-8 pounds , depending on display size, hardware, and other factors. A notebook is a personal computer that foregoes some functionality to remain lightweight and small. Notebook computers typically weigh less than 5 pounds and are small enough — “notebook sized” — to fit easily in a backpack or briefcase.

A key factor that makes a Netbook computer so interesting is their low price. At $350 they almost become a throw away device – keep it for 18 to 24 months and dispose of it. At a time where you can spend $500 on a Smartphone not including the significant costs of the monthly service contract, a Netbook computer looks like quite a bargain. Netbooks have trouble running demanding software like games and photo-editing programs. They cater instead to people who spend most of their time dealing with online services and want a cheap, light device they can use on the go. Most of the netbooks sold today run on an Intel chip called Atom, which is a lower-cost, lower-power version of the company’s standard laptop chips.

A smaller screen means a lighter screen and a smaller and lighter battery to power the smaller screen. The weight of most Netbooks falls in the 2 – 3 pounds range however adding a larger, extended life battery can add as much as half a pound to the overall weight. Price – Netbook computer prices range from $250 to $800 with an average price in the $350 range.

The company has dozens of deals in the works with service providers to seize on this potential, Mr. Maloney said. As for the emerging competition, he said Intel would show off some surprising computer designs at Computex as well. For Intel, the Atom chips represent lower-profit products, which could turn into a major sore spot if consumers become comfortable with netbooks and start to view them as replacements for standard computers. Qualcomm, the San Diego company that built an empire on chips for cellphones, recently introduced Snapdragon, a chip created for smartphones and ultralight computers. Already, the company has announced deals to sell the chip to 15 major device manufacturers, including LG, Acer, Samsung and Asustek. Qualcomm said some Snapdragon devices appearing this year would have screens of 10 to 12 inches.

I love having it with me because I can use my Sprint MiFi card and jump online anywhere. I chose to write this article on my desktop computer though because the keyboard is larger and more comfortable. The netbook is an interesting option in the mobile computing market. With a smaller size and lower weight than a traditional laptop, they give you a larger screen than a smartphone or tablet, along with a built-in keyboard and a trackpad.

So anything like Slingplayer or more strenuous you really need a more powerful laptop. Just citing this as an example of where Netbooks start to slow down. The other netbooks we looked at were nice as well, but the Wind won out because of it’s combination of good price, features and good reviews.

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